Dámský střih

A precise cut is the fundamental of our profession. It must be perfect so when you are styling your hair at home it is as easy as possible and no complicated styling is necessary. Perfect cut also lasts looking good for several weeks!

Choose one of our hair stylists, whether Junior, Senior, Top stylist or Petra Měchurová, all will try to adjust the cut to best-fitting your personality, mood and your style!

Women haircut

Short haircuts, page-boy cuts or just adjusting hair tips? We love cuts and we are happy to introduce you to new trends in hairdressing and final styling.

  • Junior stylist: 950 Kč
  • Senior stylist: 1300 Kč
  • Top stylist: 1500 Kč
  • Petra Měchurová: 2500 Kč

Mens haircut

Man haircut is due for a whole hour as we strive to provide a maximum service during those 60 minutes. We provide scissors, machine or razor cut and upon request also trim beard.

  • Machine only: 400 Kč
  • Junior stylist: 800 Kč
  • Senior stylist: 950 Kč
  • Top stylist: 1100 Kč
  • Petra Měchurová: 1100 Kč

Kids haircut

Petra Měchurová is not only a topnotch hairdresser but also a moter of two kids. Childrens’s casualness is sometimes even dazzling, the silkiness of their hair and colours changing with every sun ray. And just like kids love their hair like a lollipop, both ending in their smiling mouths, we love our children and thus want to keep their beauty and casualness and want to develop their taste and style. Regular visits to the hairdresser and cutting of hair is a must which pays off. As children grow they learn how to take care of their hare or what is good for them and what should they prevent.


  • Junior stylist: 570 Kč
  • Senior stylist: 780 Kč
  • Top stylist: 900 Kč
  • Petra Měchurová: 1500 Kč


  • Junior stylist: 480 Kč
  • Senior stylist: 570 Kč
  • Top stylist: 660 Kč
  • Petra Měchurová: 660 Kč