Viera Banášová


„I was always interested in hair that’s why I decided to apply for a job at the Salon Petra Měchurová. I wouldn’t switch for another profession, it’s a dynamic, fresh sector and I am happy here. Long live the hair.”

Thanks to her experience from fashion shows of Liběna Rochová, Natali Ruden, Christian Loubout, Fashion for Kids and various fashion weeks Viera belongs among the favourite hair stylists. She holds a rich overview about trends and refined feel for style and fashion, she knows how to complete client’s overall style, how to make up and she even has an experience as a dresser. Hence Viera is responsible in the Salon Petra Měchurová for the Style Studios service which is both for private as well as corporate clients serving as a complex consultancy how to refine ones look virtually from head to toe.